At 16, Trill Entertainment recording artist Lil Trill can truthfully lay claim to the title of the youngest in the Trill Entertainment camp. Like his label mates, Lil Boosie and Webbie, Lil Trill started out at an early age and thus brings a youthful energy to the music that is capturing the imagination of rap fans throughout the Deep South. In addition to being young, gifted and dynamic, Lil Trill also brings a smooth R&B flavored rap style to the table that is destined to appeal to the fairer sex, all of which bodes well for Lil Trill because like a lot of red-blooded teenage males, he likes the ladies.
“I like girls so I make girl songs,” says Lil Trill of his music. “When I was in high school I used to do a lot of club songs but mostly what put me on was girl songs because I’m a ladies man. I love the ladies.”

Lil Trill (nee) was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1994 and grew up in the Sherwood area. According to Lil Trill, he grew up living between his mom and his dad in a dichotomy that struck the balance between his well-to-do father and middle-class mother. “Things on my dad’s side were way more expensive than on my mama which was mostly middle class. So it was a balance between the two worlds.” In addition to balancing the two worlds, Lil Trill was also busy absorbing the myriad of music that his father used to play while he was visiting him. According to Lil Trill, one of his first memories of hearing rap as a small child was his father playing “Missing You,” P. Diddy’s touching tribute to the legendary Notorious B.I.G. As he got older he started listening to Biggie and Tupac. Later on he would fall under the influence of local rappers Boosie and Webbie, who were slowly emerging as regional stars in their own right. Lil Trill literally grew up watching the two hone their craft and build their careers into national star status. By age 10, Lil Trill was writing his own rhymes and reciting them to his friends. One day, Trill Entertainment CEO Turk heard the youngster rapping and invited him to come to the studio and lay some rhymes down.

“I got into the studio and came up with some ideas,” recalls Lil Trill. “They listened to it and was like ‘keep on trying.’ I kept on trying until they liked it. Now this is what I do.”

From that moment on, the teenager wasted no time jumping into the fray recording songs. He recalls his defining moment when he graced the stage at Baton Rouge’s Annual Summer Jam in 2007 to do his hit song “The Dummy Way.” “When I got on stage and said I do it the dummy way, everybody in the crowd yelled backs ‘I do it the dummy way!’ I was really shocked because I didn’t think that so many people knew it that way. That was real cool.” Some of the songs that Lil Trill has appeared on in the past are “My Avenue” by Lil Boosie, “Don’t Stunt” and “Get It, Get It, Get It” by Webbie as well as other songs with Trill Entertainment artists. He’s also featured on five out of the 17 tracks on Trill Entertainment’s All or Nothing compilation.

Chief among those five tracks is “Turn the Beat Up.” featuring Foxx, Lil Phat and Webbie. The song serves as the club banging lead single that is heating up dance floors throughout the South. “Turn the Beat Up is actually for the DJs,” says Lil Trill. “You know when you’re in the club and you hear a dope song and you want the DJ to turn the beat up so the club can get hype.” “#1 Girl” is Lil Trill’s solo song that is aimed directly at the ladies. It is a smooth R&B flavored track that allows Lil Trill to get his lyrical mack on. The song promises to have many girls swooning over this track. Another outstanding song from the All or Nothing compilation is a slamming track called “Our Age.” “On that song we’re basically saying that you can’t do what we did at our age,” explains Lil Trill. “It’s a stuntin’ song.”

With hit songs, sold-out shows, mix tapes, high-profile collaborations with Webbie & Boosie behind his belt and a debut album in the works, Lil Trill (who also has ambitions to be an attorney later on in life) is poised to take the world by storm before he reaches his 18th birthday.

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